A courtesy ride
Concept Artist, 3D Sculpter

Sculpting in ZBrush 3.1, Sketching in Artrage 3.0

This is a funny story indeed. The concept for this funny creature has born during a relaxing pause at work. I thought at first to some huge creature and then I got this big “bulldoggy” dinosaur. It was grotesque to me so I thought about a story behind it.

“One day, a big fat rich woman found herself in need of a new ride. Her old one, a horse, barely resisted to her weight and felt to the ground. Angry, the big lady went for a change or fix. The stableboy had a look at her and understood the situation immediately.

He told her he had no horse but that he had a temporary courtesy ride, something that would perfectly fit. When the big fat lady saw the courtesy ride she got even more angry than before but she knew it was the only solution.”